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MINDSCAPES: (book 1): #ya #fantasy

It's about survival mode when London is abducted and brought to the Program by teenage Asian scientist, Jane. He must unravel the secrets of the yellow padded room by expanding his mind in search of answers. Along with a series of physical and mental challenges, he navigates a web of lies along the way. Like who his real dad is and the life he could have had.

Set in 2050 at the North Pole, it's remote but technologically advanced. The themes of marginalized characters and mental health come into play--via two biracial protagonists who struggle with depression and anxiety disorder. It's a question of utilitarianism when young minds are used for the good of the masses. Regardless of the cost.

There's a juxtaposition between science and faith that pulls the reader to challenge her own views of the world. Can they both exist side by side? It's possible even science requires a bit of faith sometimes. Add luck to the mix, and things get pretty hot--as in actual fire, using pyrokinesis. Can't give too much away though at this point.

This novel is THIEF OF LIES x ORPHAN QUEEN plus a mix of the new Netflix show: Homecoming. Being smart turns out to be a double edged sword for London. But he's not giving up, especially to save the girl he loves.

SOUL READER (book 1): #adultfiction #paranormal

Jennifer Mills enjoys her San Diego soccer-mom lifestyle. But it all changes the day she meets Jadan, an attractive paraplegic day trader with a turquoise gate tattoo. He can read her mind and press his thoughts into her head without speaking. 

SHE IS SUPERNATURAL: Jennifer discovers her new identity as the daughter of Zyon, head military guard to the King of the Realm Beyond. For now, she can only visit in her dreams and visions. Can she make their world part of her own reality too?

SHE IS MYSTICAL: Jadan gives Jennifer three mystical gems-- red for hiding her identity, yellow to calm her, and orange to guide her in flight. Each one draws her closer to her new nature, pulling her away from the earthly realm. Will she be able to hold on?

SHE IS CONFLICTED: Jennifer must leave her children to go on a save-the-world medallion hunt. But that means she must choose a divided life, and she's not sure she can do both well. She also has major concerns for her best friend, kristin, who gets mixed up with bad blood. Can she save her too?

SOUL JUMPER (book 2): #adultfiction #paranormal

She's been playing with bad blood. After discovering a world full of angels and demons, Jennifer Mills explains to her husband, Hunter, that Jadan is her guardian angel.

SHE IS A HUMAN: A rescue mission to save her dad and Jadan from the Dark Realm causes Jennifer to question her earthly identity. She tries to stay focused on her everyday tasks, but feels pulled toward her spiritual role even more. Will she be able to hang onto her humanity?

SHE IS A HALF-ANGEL: Jadan adds two mystical gems to Jennifer's growing collection from the Realm Beyond and helps her navigate the flying part of her training. He also reveals an intimate part of her past, creating an even stronger connection between them. Will she learn to control her feelings and choose what's right?

SHE IS A TRAP: When Jadan is forced to leave the earthly realm, Zalia is sent to guard over Jennifer. A host of angels arrives on the beach, before a mysterious navy blue gem finds its way into Jennifer's house. Will she be able to let this one go, before it destroys her?

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