Dianne Bright obtained her BA in Spanish and her MA in Spanish American Literature. Bright is a regular contributor with Reader's Digest and has written for a variety of other magazines and professional blogs, including Scholastic. She reviews titles seasonally for a few publishers and loves being on goodreads.

Dianne used to teach college-level Spanish and ESL but now enjoys being a full-time writer and community volunteer. She lives in southern California with her family and their two pets.  

She has traveled across the US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico; she has also been to the Ukraine, Russia, Germany, southern Japan, Mexico City, and France. 

Book one of her young adult fantasy duology is on query via her agent, Hope Bolinger with Cyle Young Literary Elite. Her book of parenting reflections: MOMS KICK BUTT, is now available.


Her current focus is on finishing book #2 of her young adult fantasy duology. Also, she recently outlined for a new middle grade series about #stem for girls and legends from the Maori tribe in the jungles of New Zealand.

Struggling with mental health issues and an ear disability, Bright advocates for these groups in her writing and via charitable organizations. Her main message is to never give up! On the really hard days, she suggests watching The Office and eating Cheetos.

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