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Dianne Bright is a regular contributor with Reader's Digest and The Healthy. She has written for a variety of magazines and professional blogs, including Scholastic (Earth Day, Press Play), I love Cats, Christianity Today, and the Press Enterprise. Her previous agent quit agenting, so she is currently looking for new representation. 

Her rom-com, KISSING CONTEST, is currently on query with publishers. Her available titles include VOICES, MOMS KICK BUTT, SOUL READER, and SOUL JUMPER.


Dianne's upcoming projects include converting her first three manuscripts into screenplays and finishing up book #2 of her young adult dystopian duology. She is also finishing book #3 of her adult fiction paranormal series. She has recently outlined for a new book on meditation and a middle grade series about #steam for girls and legends from the Maori tribe in the jungles of New Zealand.

Struggling with mental health issues and an ear disability, Bright advocates for these groups in her writing--and via charitable organizations, like Writers For Hope. Her main message is to never give up! On the really hard days, she suggests watching The Office and eating Cheetos.

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