I'm a non-fiction and fiction author who is also available for editorial work, including college essays, short stories, novels, and biographies. I would even consider ghost writing for the right project. Email: greenidealabsca@gmail.com for more info (my other project is my nonprofit: greenidealabs.org).

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Moms Kick Butt 

Soul Reader 

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Reviewer Cori Scowby shares, "This book of parenting reflections is a breath of fresh air! The author does an amazing job at breaking down the verses and relating them to real life. I also love all the bits of humor that are sprinkled throughout each day." 

Moms Kick Butt

Reviewer Mary Trainor-Brigham likes how the material and the divine are woven together "like pulsating DNA strands."

Soul Jumper

Reviewer Laura Rash says, "These are books of reality meets fantasy. I think fans of Stephenie Meyer & Cassandra Clare would genuinely be interested in these."

Soul Reader & Soul Jumper

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"All I could see were yellow walls. Then my eyes shut, and I was holding my cold, black pocketknife in my left hand--from my fourteenth birthday, just two years ago. I'd nearly worn the ridge off--always pressing my pointer finger on the tip of the smallest blade just to feel something.


My mom's tan face looked relaxed for once, shadowed by her dark brown hair. The rosary beads hung loosely from her wrist, as faithful as the coffee smell from the kitchen mixed with salt from the cracked window.

'Te amo, mijo. Always know that,' my mom said, kissing me on the cheek."


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