I'm a non-fiction and fiction book author and a regular contributor with Reader's Digest via RD.com and The Healthy.com. I'm passionate about being a green influencer via green idea labs and Green Idea Books. For editorial work, including college entrance essays, short stories, novels, and biographies, email me at greenidealabsca@gmail.com. That email is good for product and book reviews as well. I'd consider ghostwriting, for the right project.  Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn. 


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Moms Kick Butt 

Soul Reader 

Soul Jumper 


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Reviewer Cori Scowby shares, "This book of parenting reflections is a breath of fresh air!" 

Moms Kick Butt

Reviewer Mary Trainor-Brigham likes how the material and the divine are woven together "like pulsating DNA strands."

Soul Jumper

Reviewer Laura Rash says, "These are books of reality meets fantasy. I think fans of Stephenie Meyer & Cassandra Clare would genuinely be interested in these."

Soul Reader & Soul Jumper 

 Sample text: 

"I'd nearly worn the ridge off--always pressing my pointer finger on the tip of the smallest blade just to feel something."