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I'm a non-fiction and fiction book author, and I've been contributing with Reader's Digest via for the past five years. I'm also a sustainability influencer via green idea labs and Green Idea Books (a work in progress). For collaborating on projects, book reviews, and editorial work (including query letters, press releases, short stories, and novels), email me at For ghostwriting, send me a one page synopsis to see if it's a fit.   


 Available Titles: 


Moms Kick Butt 

Soul Reader 

Soul Jumper 


 Up Next: 

Soul Slayer

Blood Towers


Kissing Contest 

Meditating in Quicksand 


Kotiro King 



 Agent Info: 

On query for a new agent-- 

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Reviewer Cori Scowby shares, "This book of parenting reflections is a breath of fresh air!" 

Moms Kick Butt

Reviewer Mary Trainor-Brigham likes how the material and the divine are woven together "like pulsating DNA strands."

Soul Jumper

Reviewer Laura Rash says, "These are books of reality meets fantasy. I think fans of Stephenie Meyer & Cassandra Clare would genuinely be interested in these."

Soul Reader & Soul Jumper 

 Sample text: 

"I'd nearly worn the ridge off--always pressing my pointer finger on the tip of the smallest blade just to feel something."


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