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Moms Kick Butt #nf

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Hope Bolinger with CYLE





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Soul Reader 

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Reviewer Mary Trainor-Brigham likes how the material and the divine are woven together "like pulsating DNA strands."

Soul Jumper

Reviewer Laura Rash says, "These are books of reality meets fantasy. I think fans of Stephenie Meyer & Cassandra Clare would genuinely be interested in these." Soul Reader & Soul Jumper

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"Run-off soaked the soles of my shoes. Taxis lined the Parisian curb like hyenas waiting for a kill. The soft lighting from the creperie laughed at me, and I was now holding a girl’s hand. Her strawberry blond curls were somehow familiar—but tighter than I’d remembered—the moisture clinging to them for hope." Upcoming #ya #fantasy Mindscapes

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